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The John FENLON Band - Rip It Up 2002

The John FENLON Band - Rip It Up 2002
Label: Self Product
Recorded at: Bink Bonk Studios


John Fenlon - Bristol-based blues legend! A beautifully skilled harmonica player and vocalist, John is one of the most highly respected musicians around and famed as much for his music as his larger than life personality.

Always in great demand and, inbetween working on a new album and various other projects, gigs with an endless list of musicians such as gritty blues guys Lee McCrory and Eddie Denny; internationally acclaimed roots guitarist Steve Payne; Texan, Guthrie Kennard; Yolanda Quarty and members of Phantom Limb; the incredible Phil King; and Bristol's phenomenal Beth Rowley.
You can hear John on numerous albums including Beth Rowley's "Little Dreamer"; Pete Roe's "Propeller"; Steve Payne's "Outlines", and with Innes Sibun on "Farmhouse Blues" to name just a few.
He is also responsible for forming and fronting the amazing John Fenlon Blues Band which overnight became one of the most popular blues bands in the West of England. Don't ever miss an opportunity to see them!

The band - John; Richie Blake, bass guitar; Andy Kinsman, sax; Steve Williams, keys and Tim Price on drums, have released two high quality CDs and played major festivals and venues all over the UK. Each one of these guys is incredible - together they're absolutely awesome!
One of the very first members of the band was phenomenal young guitarist Charlie Derrick who tragically died in 2003 at just 20 years old. Every year the band hold a special gig in memory of Charlie and to raise awareness of and funds for The Charlie Derrick Music Bursary so that Charlie's passion for music lives on in his legacy.
01. Quarter2three  2.31
02. Need your love  2.59
03. I don't mind  2.53
04. I'm ready 4.32
05. Hesitation shuffle  3.38
06. Life ain't long enough for livin'  4.16
07. Wicked wicked wicked  6.33
08. Tougher than tough  3.52
09. E old lady  2.29

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