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Ahmad JAMAL – Rossiter Road 1986

Ahmad JAMAL – Rossiter Road 1986
7 81645-1 LP


One of Ahmad Jamal's great mid 80s sets for Atlantic Records -- recorded in a spacious acoustic mode that has Jamal crafting beautiful tones on the Steinway, yet never falling into overindulgence! The record's got a surprisingly rhythmic quality -- as the drums of Herlin Riley and bass of James Cammack are often augmented by percussion from Manola Badrena -- fleshing out tunes with complicated changes that soar alongside Jamal's free-floating lines on the keys. The array of colors here is simply beautiful -- deeper and more expressive than Ahmad's sound in earlier years -- on titles that include "Without You", "Acorn", "Yellow Fellow", "Autumn Rain", and "Winter Snow".
From Dusty Groove.
Few of pianist Ahmad Jamal's many recordings are not worth picking up, and this effort for Atlantic boasts some fresh material and fine playing. Jamal (joined by bassist James Cammack, drummer Herlin Riley, and percussionist Manolo Badrena) performs seven of his little-known originals and the obscure "Yellow Fellow." The close musical communication by the players is, as always, the main reason to acquire this release.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
This is certainly one of the great jazz albums of the eighties and very popular with testing panels of audio equipment. I have been listening to it for almost twenty years and never got tired of it. Listen to “Without You” or “Yellow Fellow” to get a good idea of what this combination of musicians was capable of. Such a powerful drive from bass and drums makes Jamal fly - how great.
By K.Hug.
This disc sizzles for another reason: Herlin Riley, the drummer. Jamal flies, he soars across the keyboard, across modalities and changes like few others, but unlike some other discs, Riley, along with the solid, if sweating, James Cammack, on bass, provides a solid launch pad. Get it, listen, and wonder why these musicians haven't made more albums together.
Highest recommendations.
Bass- James Cammack
Drums- Herlin Riley
Percussion- Manola Badrena
Piano [Steinway]- Ahmad Jamal
A1. Milan 5:45 
A2. If I Find The Way 4:10 
A3. Without You 4:20 
A4. Acorn 4:55 
B1. Yellow Fellow 6:20 
B2. Autumn Rain 5:30 
B3. Winter Snow 4:10 
B4. Rossiter Road 6:15 


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  3. I listened to the music yesterday night..what an album...angelic ...
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