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Bonnie LAM (Lin Xiao Bao) - You Make Me Feel Brand New 2008

Bonnie LAM (Lin Xiao Bao) - You Make Me Feel Brand New 2008


Bonnie Lam (Lin Xiao Bao) is a Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts graduate, is now a professional musical performers, has served in various musical performances by the female lead role, in fact, as early as when the Academy for Performing Arts student, Bonnie singing skills and beautiful voice has been known for in the school, plus take years to hone their live performances, singing accomplishments even more remarkable, from this her first solo album will be available to see her almost effortless mastery of music, they listen to first song You Make Me Feel Brand New, I believe will give you a pleasantly surprised! this CD where most are familiar with the classic, but the light jazz arrangement will bring a new feeling, Bonnie has her singing a unique charming sensibility, to express the real intentions a musical sense, through the absolute Audiophile Voices lifelike recordings, no one likes music, who are likely to fall in love with this CD.
01. You Make Me Feel Brand New 4:28
02. Blue Moon 4:21
03. Scarborough Fair 4:03
04. True Colours 3:45
05. Last Christmas 4:18
06. Bridge Over Troubled Water 4:46
07. You Light Up My Life 3:33
08. They Can’t Take Away From Me 4:28
09. That’s All 3:13
10. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 4:42
11. My One And Only Love 3:37
12. Close To You 4:10
13. Tammy 2:48


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