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The Duke ROBILLARD Band - Duke's Blues 1996

The Duke ROBILLARD Band - Duke's Blues 1996


he last cut, hats off to Albert Collins' "Dyin' Flu," will make you fall down and beg for mercy. This is what happens when a virtuoso blues guitarist doesn't have a thing to prove and slips into the groove. Playing that is listening, ear cocked like a hound dog's in the wind, Robillard hearing whatever it was Collins must have heard when the inspiration for this one came to him. (Definitely not the same thing as imitating licks or covering a tune.) Also a plus is that Duke doesn't burden you with overload in the vocals department but when he does open his mouth, it's so right it hurts. In general Duke sings a lil too much for my taste--he should let the guitar talk for him more of the time. The other great cut on this album is "Never Let You Go" where again Duke stays mainly in instrumental mode. This man is a treasure when he really opens up on the guitar--worth waiting for!
In 1990, Robillard joined the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Even though he had become a member of the Austin group, the guitarist continued to record and tour as a solo artist, signing with the major label Point Blank/Virgin in 1994 for Temptation. **Duke's Blues** followed two years later, and after one more album for Virgin, 1997's Dangerous Place, Robillard signed to Shanachie for 1999's New Blues for Modern Man. Conversations in Swing Guitar followed later that year, and the prolific guitarist returned in mid-2000 with Explorer.
Gordon Beadle- Baritone, Tenor Sax
Duke Robillard- Guitar,Vocals
Greg Mazel- Baritone, Tenor Sax,Vibraphone
Paul Murphy- Guitar
Marty Ballou- Bass
Matt McCabe- Piano
Al Basile- Cornet
Jeff McAllister- Drums
01. Midnight Cannon Ball (3:03)
02. Glamour Girl (4:49)
03. I Still Love You Baby (2:58)
04. Texas Hop (2:42)
05. Don't Leave Me Baby (3:26)
06. Tell Me Why (2:48)
07. Something to Remember You By (5:52)
08. Love Slipped In (3:48)
09. Information Blues (5:06)
10. Don't Treat Me Like That (3:22)
11. Never Let You Go (5:23)
12. Gee I Wish (3:18)
13. My Heart Is Cryin' (4:27)
14. Red's Riff (6:49)
15. Dyin' Flu (11:17)


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