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Lester DAVENPORT - When The Blues Hit You 1991

Lester DAVENPORT - When The Blues Hit You 1991


Just by remarking the extraordinary band that backs the harmonica ace LESTER DAVENPORT in this 5 stars 'When the Blues hit you', an All Star Chicago Blues Band, you can say that the record has to be very good. And it really is very very good, as good as you can expect. I don't want to point out any of the themes because all of them are at the same high level.
An authentic delight listening to the master SUNNYLAND SLIM's piano, the outstanding JOHN PRIMER's guitar (PRIMER was a player in The Teardrops, Magic Slim's band); also on the rhythmic section ROBERT STROGER on bass,ROBERT COVINGTON on drums and the silent WILLIE DAVIS playing the rhythm guitar. Great stuff, this is the real deal,
I recommend it.
By Jose Maria Domenech Fedi.
Until 1992, Lester Davenport's chief claims to blues fame were the 1955 Bo Diddley Chess session he played harp on (it produced "Pretty Thing" and "Bring It to Jerome") and a lengthy, much more recent stint holding down the harmonica slot with the multi-generational Gary, IN, band, the Kinsey Report. That instantly changed with the issue of Davenport's own album for Earwig, When the Blues Hit You; now this Chicago blues veteran had something on the shelves to call his very own.

Davenport hit Chicago in 1945 at age 14. He quickly soaked up the sights and sounds so prevalent on the local blues scene, checking out Arthur "Big Boy" Spires, Snooky Pryor, and Homesick James, who invited the youngster to jam sessions and tutored him on the intricacies of the idiom. Gigs with Spires and James preceded his brief hookup with Bo Diddley (which included a booking behind Diddley at New York's famous Apollo Theater). Davenport led his own band while holding down a day job as a paint sprayer during the 1960s, remaining active on the West side prior to joining forces with the Kinseys during the 1980s.
Now, about that "Mad Dog" handle: it seems that Davenport liked to prowl the stage while playing a few notes on every instrument on the bandstand during his younger days. The shtick earned him the name; his tenacious playing did the rest.
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
John Primer- (Guitar), (Choir, Chorus),
Lester Davenport- (Harmonica), (Vocals),
Robert Covington- (Drums), (Choir, Chorus),
Sunnyland Slim- (Piano),
Bob Stroger- (Bass),
Will Davis- (Rhythm Guitar), (Choir, Chorus)
01. King Of The Jungle 4:29
02. I Believe My Baby Got A Mojo 6:51
03. I'm Gonna Move 3:50
04. Slow Down Baby 5:58
05. It Won't Work Like That 4:33
06. All My Life 5:53
07. Mad Dog On The Loose 4:10
08. Walkin' The Streets At Midnight 5:37
09. Just For Spite 4:17
10. My Baby's Gone 5:38
11. I'm Gonna Give It Up 4:26
12. When The Blues Hit You 4:24


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