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Eric STECKEL Band - Live at Havana 2006

Eric STECKEL Band - Live at Havana 2006


Eric Steckel (born 1990) is an American blues guitarist and singer. His first album A Few Degrees Warmer was recorded live in 2002. He was just 11 years old and became the youngest in a series of precocious blues performers which began in the 1990s with the names of Jonny Lang, Shannon Curfman, and slightly later, Derek Trucks. As a child prodigy he has been invited to play on stage with such artists as John Mayall, Bob Margolin, Debbie Davies, James Armstrong, Tommy Castro, Solomon Burke, Hubert Sumlin, Craig Thatcher, Danny Bryant. In recent years he has been working with his own band and released three albums, including "Live at Havana 2006".
He has also played the Springing the Blues festival in Jacksonville Beach, Florida the last 4 years.
Bouncing between original and cover songs, Steckel unplugs Fender attitudes and straddles a course into Freddie King territory, crossing over into Otis Rush turf and sneaking off into Allman Brothers psychedelia.
Whatever influences there were in the beginning, Eric is shedding them like snakeskin to nurture a sound of his own. Eric slow burns with "Radio Blues", immortalizes Santana with the Latino "Espirita" and turns "Little Wing" into an almost ten minute guitar pyrotechnical display that is spell-binding. His own "Philips Highway" sees the band aggregate riding the rock pony into the hills of blues.
The blueprints of Steckel's music come out of guitar player vaults that were reserved for cranking up blues rock to stadium levels. While many kids his age are listening to rap and hip-hop, Eric looks the other way, cranks up his guitar and pummels out licks that never lose their appeal for us older people who wish they made that giant step when they had the chance."
By Gary Weeks.
What a surprise,looking for some records in my habitual Barcelona's records store (Disco 100, what a good professionals they are) I found this Eric Steckel's record 'Live at Havana' when exactly the day before I had read in Amazon its 'mbernocchi''s review. Although Steckel's youth (sixteen years) made me hesitate, I heeded `mbernocchi''s description and I bought it right away and went home to listen to it.

I am almost in full agreement with the whole of mbernocchi's point of view; very good guitar playing, even if somehow fuzzy in some passages of the disk; three great themes; a very good cover Freddie King's "San-Ho-Zay", the super slow Blues "Radio Blues" probably the best song of the record and very good Jimi Hendrix's cover "Little Wing". The other themes are on a good level although I would have liked to hear more piano and less organ and the version of Otis Rush's 'All your love' could have been somewhat better. Steckel is evidently influenced by one of the kings, the great Freddie King, and his voice, even if very correct, is what you would expect of someone so young. All in all it is a good disk for any Blues fan, and I am already playing it in the Blues program of Tiana's local radio station (this is a little town near Barcelona), for my listeners' delight.
Congratulations to this intrepid young Eric Steckel called to be in the higher spheres of modern Blues.
By  Jose Maria Domenech Fedi.
If a teenager can produce heavy rocking guitar blues of this quality, there is no need to worry. This is blues guitar at it's best. If this came from a seasoned player with a long trackrecord, you'd hail it as one of his best. This player is barely into his teens and created this amazing blues cd. The playing is off the charts and his version of LITTLE WINGS is the best I've ever heard. I'm sure ERIC will figure heavily in the future of electric guitar. He already has an amazing phrase book and infuses everything he plays with his own imprint.
If you have any kind of interest in the electric guitar, you have to hear this !!!!!
By Hans D HARMS.
Eric STECKEL - Guitars, vocals
Craig THATCHER - Guitars, vocals
Wayde LEONARD - Bass, vocals
Don PLOWMAN - Drums
01. San-Ho Zay 5:04
02. Radio Blues 11:00
03. Espirita  4:57
04. Me & My Guitar 4:54
05. Philips Highway 5:35
06. Deep Fried 4:33
07. Jaywalkin' 4:33
08. Hey Sister 4:51
09. Little Wing 9:52
10. All Your Love 5:43


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