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Percy SLEDGE - My Only Friend The Blues 2004

Percy SLEDGE - My Only Friend The Blues 2004


Pioneering soul man Percy Sledge returned in 2004 with Shining Through the Rain, his first new studio date since 1994's Grammy-nominated album, Blue Night. While nothing here is a surprise, Sledge's vocal range remains evident as he effortlessly ... Full Descriptionconveys his patented smooth, controlled passion. Generally, these 13 tracks are made up of country-soul ballads from the pens of Steve Earle, the Bee Gees, Barry Goldberg, Carla Olson, Jackie Lomax, and Mikael Rickfors. The two uptempo tunes, "24 -- 7 -- 365" and "Big Blue Diamonds," the latter a duet with Paul Jones, have a definite Stax/Volt vibe that nicely rounds out this fine contemporary deep soul outing. ~ Al Campbell

This set is essentially a re-release of Percy Sledge's Shining Through the Rain from 2004 with a different title, modified cover art, and a bonus track (a duet with Carla Olson on "Honest as Daylight"). Whatever the title, the album remains a fine late-career issue from a singer who specialized in bringing an anguished resigned passion to powerful deep soul ballads. Tracks like "Shining Through the Rain," "Misty Morning," and "Fall Inside Your Eyes" are classic Sledge -- part blues, part country, and all heart.
By Steve Leggett. AMG.
Carla Olson- (Vocals), (Guitar),
Barry Goldberg- (String Arrangements),(Horn Arrangements), (Keyboards),
Jakob Dylan- (Vocals),
Ian McLagan- (Keyboards),
Nick Koga- (Drum Technician),
Percy Sledge- (Vocals),
Paul Jones- (Vocals),
Phil Upchurch- (Guitar),
Texacali Horns- (Horn Arrangements),
Nick Koga- (Guitar).
01. Shining Through the Rain
02. Lonely Hobo Lullabye
03. 24-7-365
04. Love Come Rescue Me
05. Misty Morning
06. A Lonely Violin
07. Big Blue Diamonds
08. My Old Friend the Blues
09. Rubies & Diamonds
10. Change My Mind
11. Searching for My Love
12. Fall Inside Your Eyes
13. Road of No Return
14. Honest as Daylight

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