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Prado Blues Band - Blues and Swing 2005

Prado Blues Band - Blues and Swing 2005


Igor Prado fell in love with the guitar when he was 11 years old. Self-taught and left-handed, Igor learned to play the guitar upside down and backwards (with the thinnest string on top) and once he discovered the blues, he took on the most challenging undertaking – to study and play the blues in Brazil. Currently, he plays in the “Prado Blues Band”, which is a group dedicated to Blues / West Coast Swing / Jump Rhythm & Blues. The band has released 3 CD’s in Brazil and on the first semester of 2007, Igor will be releasing his first solo recording "Upsidedown" with special guests like R.J Mischo, Steve Guyger, Greg Wilson, Ron Dziubla (Sax player of Lynwood Slim, Kid Ramos), J.J Jackson and others. Igor has also played with several international artists that have been to Brazil such as Jamie Wood, Johnny Rover, Eddie C. Campbell, Steve Guyger, James Wheeler, Enrico Crivellaro, R.J Mischo, Rick Estrin (Little Charlie & The Nightcats), Phil Guy.
01. At The Party!
02. Bye Bye Baby
03. Vicky
04. PB Boogie
05. Honeysuckle Rose (feat. Jamie Wood)
06. Those Lonely Nights (feat. J. J. Jackson)
07. Little Boy
08. Everynight and Everyday (feat. Steve Guyger)
09. I've Had My Fun
10. Blues For Mother Alice
11. Goodbye Goodbye Blues (feat. Steve Guyger)
12. They Call Me Little Devil (feat. Nuno Mindelis)
13. Jamming with Crivellaro (feat. Enrico Crivellaro)

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