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Robben FORD - The Inside Story 1979

Robben FORD - The Inside Story 1979


Except for a couple import hard to find albums, this marked guitarist Robben Fords 1979 debut. Here he serves notic that no prisoners will be taken. Simply put, this is one of the greatest jazz/fusion releases ever! Robben and band simmer and smoke, all the while playing from the heart. I would be hard pressed to name another guitar album where jazz and rock so wonderfully coexist. Only Larry Carltons 1977 debut self titled album comes to mind, and Larry is usually honest enough to admit he stole Robben Fords trip!
By  Benjamin J. Neiman.
Lou Marini- Saxophone, Sax (Alto), Sax (Tenor), Horn Arrangements
Roland- Keyboards
Alan Rubin- Trumpet
Starz Vander Lockett- Percussion
Tommy Vig- Percussion
Mark Ford- Harmonica
Jimmy Haslip- Bass
Russell Ferrante- Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, Arp Odyssey, Synthesizer Programming
Ricky Lawson- Percussion, Drums
Robben Ford- Guitar, Piano (Electric), Vocals, Main Performer,
Tom "Bones" Malone- Trombone, Horn, Sax (Baritone).
A1. Magic Sam   5:52
A2. For the One I Love   4:23
A3. North Carolina   4:38
A4. There's No One Else   6:53
B1. The Inside Story   5:30
B2. Need Somebody   5:19
B3. Far Away   5:41
B4. Tee Time for Eric   5:09

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