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Sunnyland SLIM - Slim's Got His Thing Goin' On 1968

Sunnyland SLIM - Slim's Got His Thing Goin' On 1968


This album was recorded on October 1968 in Los Angeles with cast of stars blues and rock. This was possible thanks musicians of Canned Heat. Released in World Pacific in 1969 as LP, was reissued on CD by British Seguel records in 1992. Look on name of the musicians. George Smith, Big Mama Thornton, Luther Allison, Shakey Jake, young British Bluesbreaker in this time - Mick Taylor and legendary guitarist from Canned Heat - Al Wilson, Henry Vestine and bassist Larry Taylor. Today this album is unique and rare.
He was born on a farm near Vance, Mississippi. [2] He moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1925, where he performed with many of the popular blues musicians of the day. His stage name came from a song he composed about the Sunnyland train that ran between Memphis and St. Louis, Missouri. [2] In 1942 he followed the great migration of southern workers to the industrial north in Chicago.
At that time the electric blues was taking shape there, and through the years Sunnyland Slim played with such musicians as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, [3] Robert Lockwood, Jr., and Little Walter. [2] His piano style is characterised by heavy basses or vamping chords in the left hand and tremolos with his right. His voice was loud and he sang in a declamatory style. [4]
He began recording in 1946 (his first solo date was in 1947) and continued performing until his death, aged 87.
Sunnyland SLIM- Piano, Vocals
George 'Harmonica' SMITH- Harmonica
Luther Allison, Mick Taylor- Guitars 
Mojo Elem- Bas
Francis Clay- Drums
Henry Vestine- Guitar
Alan Wilson- Guitar
Larry Taylor- Bass
Paul Lagos- Drums
Luther Allison- Guitar
Curtis Tilman- Bass
Gus Wright- Drums
Larry Fullerton- Guitar
Shakey Jake- Harmonica
Big Mama Thornton- Drums

A1. Going Back to Memphis   3:10
A2. Miss Bessie Mae   3:45
A3. Got to Get to My Baby   3:02
A4. You Used to Love Me   3:39
A5. She's Got a Thing Going On   3:48
A6. Substitute Woman   3:25
B1. Dust My Broom   3:39
B2. Everytime We Get to Drinkin'   3:45
B3. Little Girl Blues   2:42
B4. Unlucky One   4:40
B5. My Past Life   2:45

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