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Johnnie JOHNSON & The Kentuky Headhunters - That'll Work 1993

Johnnie JOHNSON & The Kentuky Headhunters - That'll Work 1993


Although this CD is fairly hard to find anymore, any blues lover will really get a kick out of this collection. The Kentucky Headhunters are primarily a country/rockabilly outfit, but are musical chameleons who can change genres in an eyeblink. Johnnie Johnson has teamed up with the Headhunters and made a really fun blues album. This CD is still one of my favorites even though it has been out for several years now. My only criticism is that as a singer, Johnnie is a pretty good piano player. The KH's do most of the vocal work here though. If you don't think blues can be fun, check out "She's Got To Have It". Seek out this CD - It's a good one.
By  J. Kievit.
This is a terrific CD full of pleasure for any country, blues and rock fan. The pairing of Johnnie Johnson and the Kentucky Headhunters worked to make one great country/blues/rock release. What is most impressive is that the record is accessible for any level fan of this type of music--you don't have to be some diehard to enjoy the CD. I really loved the title cut "That'll Work" which like the rest of the CD is full of good music, fun and a complete joy.
I really am puzzled why the record company doesn't make this available on a limited basis for the fans. I'm sure a lot of fans of either Johnnie or the Headhunters would love to hear this now rare and hard to get CD. Lucky for me I bought it when it first came out nearly 10 years ago.
By  Uncle Elmer.
Johnnie Johnson- Piano, Lead Vocal
The Kentuky Headhunters:
Fred Young- Drums, Percussion
Greg Martin- Guitar
Richard Young- Guitar
Mark S. Orr- Vocals
Anthony Kenney- Bass Guitar
Guest Artist:
Jummy Hall- Sax, Harp, Vocals
01. That'll Work 4:03
02. Sunday Blues 4:45
03. Johnnie's Breakdown 2:03
04. I'm Not Runnin' 6:00
05. Bummed About Love 2:17
06. Stumblin' 3:26
07. Back To Menphis 5:14
08. The Feel 3:18
09. I Know You Can 5:19
10. She's Got To Have It 4:10
11. Derby Day Special 3:07
12. Tell Me Baby 5:17


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