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Art BLAKEY and The Jazz Messengers - Munich 1972

Art BLAKEY and The Jazz Messengers - Munich 1972
Thx To *Dave*,*Soundboard*


This was the Jazz Now Festival in Munich, reported in Coda 872 p. 39.
There is another private tape of this group from Chateauvallon Jazz Festival, Toulon, France on August 20, 1972. That was reported on in Jazz Forum 1272 p. 22.
Blakey's announcement clearly states that Virginia is composed by George Cables. If there is any evidence it is by Tony Williams, please supply.
The GEMA database shows Swamp Carol as composed by Jeremy Steig and Jan Hammer. It is on Steig's Groove Merchant album Fusion.
Track 5 is Cubano Chant (Ray Bryant).
Jeremy Steig- Flute
George Cables- Piano,Electric Piano
Stanley Clarke- Bass
Art Blakey- Drums,Vocal
Tony Williams- Drums
Ray Mantilla- Tibals,Percusion,Bango
Buck Clarke- Percusion,Congo,Bells
01 Announcement AB 2:32
02 Swam Carol (JS,comp)  Announcement AB 13:54
03 Rita (GC,comp)  Announcement AB 10:01
04 Virginia (TW,comp)  Announcement AB 13:24
05 Title 23:20
06 Title (fade-out) 9:20


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