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Pat TRAVERS - Travelin' Blues 2009

Pat TRAVERS - Travelin' Blues 2009


From a marketing standpoint, Blues Bureau International could have come up with a much better title for this 2009 release than simply Travelin' Blues. Ideally, the title should have been something along the lines of Travelin' Blues: The Best of the Blues Bureau Years, Vol. 1, because this 61-minute CD is, in fact, a best-of collection focusing on hard rock and blues-rock that Pat Travers recorded for Blue Bureau in the 1990s and 2000s. Many of Travers' longtime fans will agree that the Canadian singer/guitarist recorded his most essential work in the 1970s and early '80s, but his Blues Bureau discs are nothing to be ashamed of -- and this collection finds him in fine form on solid originals (including "Time Out," "Too Cool Woman Blues," and the title track) as well as ballsy performances of Willie Dixon's "Built for Comfort" (a Chess Records gem closely identified with Howlin' Wolf), Muddy Waters' "Rock Me, Baby," the Allman Brothers' "Whipping Post," and Buddy Miles' "Them Changes." Travers turned 40 in 1994, 50 in 2004, and 55 in 2009, but thankfully, these recordings demonstrate that he hasn't mellowed at all since the 1970s; Travers hasn't lost his grit as a singer, and his guitar playing is as aggressive as ever. Why Blues Bureau simply called this collection Travelin' Blues instead of coming up with a title drawing attention to the fact that it is a best-of collection is anyone's guess, but that doesn't make these 1990s and 2000s performances any less exciting. Travelin' Blues is an appropriate starting point if one is exploring Travers' Blues Bureau output for the first time.
By Alex Henderson. AMG.
Pat Travers- Guitar, Vocals, Slide Guitar
Mike Varney- Guitar
Tommy Calton- Guitar
Steve Fister- Slide Guitar
Doug Bare- Keyboards, Vocals
Michael Amico- Bass
Peter Mars Cowling- Bass
Steve Evans- Bass
Tim Franklin- Bass
Larry Jacoby- Bass
Gunter Nezhod- Bass
Kevin Rian- Bass
Brad Russell- Bass
Liberty DeVitto- Drums
Aynsley Dunbar- Drums
Jeff Martin- Drums
Joe Nevolo- Drums
Ernie Peghiny- Drums
Chris Logan- Vocals (Bckgr)
Monica Travers- Vocals (Bckgr)
01. Free Man 5:28
02. Too Cool Woman Blues 4:53
03. Rock Me Baby 6:05
04. Travelin' Blues 4:51
05. Inside Looking Out 6:15
06. Time Out 3:53
07. I've Got News For You 3:29
08. Whippin' Post 5:42
09. Them Changes 4:39
10. I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 6:11
11. Green Eyed Lady 6:45
12. Built For Comfort 3:15


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