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Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin' 1971

Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin' 1971
EKS 75013


The Butterfield Blues Band has been critically acclaimed as one the greatest electric blues bands ever! Lead by singer & harmonica player Paul Butterfield, their albums have stood the test of time as classics of the 60's & early 70's. Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin', was their fourth album, originally released in 1971. It features saxophonist David Sanborn. It was the last album the band recorded for Elektra Records.
This was the last Butterfield Blues Band studio album. To me it is tied for third best with "Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw"--the band's "Butterfield Blues Band" and "East West" are their two greatest albums to me. However, this is a very enjoyable, excellent album, a big step up from "In My Own Dream" and "Keep On Movin'". Butterfield sings and plays harmonica very well. The compositions are strong. The group is really tight and together, with the horns integrated better with the rest of the group than on any other album. In terms of something you can enjoy on repeated listens, it is a very successful album. If only the group could have continued on from this point, who knows what continued heights they could have hit.
Paul Butterfield (vocals, harmonica, piano, background vocals);
Ralph Wash (vocals, guitar, background vocals);
Brother Gene Dinwiddie (vocals, flute, saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, tambourine, background vocals);
Dennis Whitted (vocals, drums);
Big Black (vocals, congas, percussion);
Clydie King, Oma Drake, Rod Hicks, Merry Clayton, Venetta Fields (vocals, background vocals);
David Sanborn (saxophone, alto saxophone);
Trevor Lawrence (saxophone, baritone saxophone);
Steve Madaio (trumpet);
Ted Harris (piano);
George Davidson (drums);
Bobbye Hall (congas, bongos, percussion).
A1. Play On 3:44 
A2. 1000 Ways 4:49 
A3. Pretty Woman 3:51 
A4. Little Piece Of Dying 3:29 
A5. Song For Lee 3:42 
B1. Trainman 6:01 
B2. Night Child 4:32 
B3. Drowned In My Own Tears 5:10 
B4. Blind Leading The Blind 3:59


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