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Buddy GUY - Man And The Blues 1968

Buddy GUY - Man And The Blues 1968


One of Buddy's earliest albums, A Man And The Blues captures the raw, gutbucket blues of south-side Chicago, reminiscent of the greats that influenced Buddy in his formative years:- Guitar Slim, John Lee Hooker and Otis Rush. The opening track, from which the album takes it's name, kicks things off with the simmering, searingly distinct phrases in a way done before by perhaps only B.B. King, now forever synonymous with Guy's brand of blues. The album pays more than one tribute to the elder bluesman with covers of the B.B. King standards, "Sweet Little Angel" and "Worry, worry", both in his own inimitable way. Buddy Guy, even in these early recordings comes through clearly as one of the most soulful bluesmen to have ever graced vinyl.

A truly incredible blues experience. If you listen to Buddy's more recent work, or have seen him live, you might be predisposed to not liking this album. Don't get me wrong, Buddy proves himself to be a guitar genius here, but it's not the hendrixy guitar he's become known for. Here he lays down some ethereal blues classics, "One Room Country Shack" being my favorite
Bass- Jack Myers
Drums- Fred Below , Lonny Taylor
Guitar [Rhythm]- Wayne Bennett
Guitar, Vocals- Buddy Guy
Piano- Otis Spann
Saxophone- Aaron Corthen , Bobby Fields , Donald Hankins
A1. A Man and the Blues   6:17
A2. I Can't Quit the Blues   3:15
A3. Money (That's What I Want)   2:29
A4. One Room Country Shack   5:34
A5. Mary Had a Little Lamb   2:27
B1. Just Playing My Axe   2:50
B2. Sweet Little Angel   5:35
B3. Worry, Worry   6:14
B4. Jam on a Monday Morning   2:50

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