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Screamin' Jay HAWKINS - Live At The Olympia,Paris 1998

Screamin' Jay HAWKINS - Live At The Olympia,Paris 1998


A generous double CD with a surprising number of 50s tunes: "Shout," "What'd I Say," "Stand By Me." Naturally, though, there's room for extended versions of hits like "Constipation Blues," "Alligator Wine" (with a deadpan, operatic interpolation of "Go Down Moses") and "I Put A Spell On You." Hawkins plays the crowd expertly, with plenty of between-song patter and some lengthy semi-improvised narratives ("I'm Lonely"), though unfortunately that sort of thing doesn't come across as well when you're in your living room. Or at least in my living room. The band is Frank Ash (guitar, usually undermixed), Frederic Fall (bass, including an extended solo on "Pretty Girls Everywhere"), Dider Marty (sax) and José Babeu (drums); a bonus studio instrumental "Frankly Speaking" features Hood-Hawkins. The rating is tentative because I haven't yet heard any of Jay's numerous other live albums.
Two veterans of the rocking exaltation, for decades, always on a roll, with regular concert recordings, both from last year. Screamin 'Jay Hawkins's completed the Olympia in Paris, gave the voodoo nonsense at home, the coffin in the Asservatenkammer and focuses more on his rhythm and blues. He is rude and granstig, screaming and brawls on the 70th of Steiner points, but a few novelty songs to go wrong numbers when Hawkins put on the dunce cap or snivelling and chattering teeth relies on cheap laughs.
The French are doing him a favor. Even the use of a Lachsack (no joke!) Makes these people, humor, and is acknowledged with a collective chuckle. Unintentionally funny is when the stalwart shock specialist again and again, "Mercy!" the audience roared, and the meaning is revealed only when he "beaucoup" to add. Comprends? As a bonus, there's the groovy studio instrumental "Frankly speaking," produced by Jim Dickinson. Conclusion: The music is solid, and sometimes wildly, the only show of horrors. It must have been comfortable with that.
By Gülden Gitti.
Roger Hawkins, José Babeu- Drums
Screamin' Jay Hawkins- Vocals,Piano
David Hood, Frédéric Fall- Bass Guitar
Frank Ash- Guitar
Didier Marty- Sax
CD 1:
01. I Feel Alright (6:35)
02 Don't Love You No More (8:38)
03. Pretty Girls Everywhere (7:37)
04. I'm Lonely (3:58)
05. Deceived (5:08)
06. I Don't Know (7:05)
07. I Wanna Know (8:09)
08. I'll Be There (3:35)
09. Stand by Me (6:04)

CD 2:
01. Bite It (6:33)
02. Constipation Blues (6:26)
03. What'd I Say (7:15)
04. Alligator Wine (5:55)
05. I Put a Spell on You (4:38)
06. Itty Bitty Pretty One (8:32)
07. Shout (4:12)
08. Short (:40)
09. You Took Me (5:28)
10. Please Don't Leave Me (7:44)
11. Goodnight Sweetheart (3:36)
12. Frankly Speaking  (4:28)

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