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Brother Jack McDUFF - Down Home Style 1969

Brother Jack McDUFF - Down Home Style 1969
BST 84322


Stepping out from the shadow of Hammond maestro Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff forged his own deeply soulful organ sound in a handful of '60s Blue Note sessions. His approach is rootsier and more minimal than Smith's. McDuff's playing can be summed up with the title of this album. While jazz purists may scoff at the lack of subtlety and emotional range, there is no denying the delicious, feel-good grooves contained on DOWN HOME STYLE.

Backed by drums, bass, and guitar, with tenor saxophonist Jay Arnold lending color, McDuff's fat organ sound and well-paced attack drive such numbers as "The Vibrator," "Butter (Fo Yo Popcorn)," and the title track. Suitable for both listening and dancing, the funky energy and laid-back sass of DOWN HOME STYLE are as tasty and satisfying as the plate of ribs, beans, cornbread, and collard greens pictured on the album's cover.
A set of gritty electric funk and soulful blues, Down Home Style is an excellent showcase for Brother Jack McDuff's gripping, funky style. Inspired more by the tight grooves of Stax Records than bebop, Down Home Style features McDuff leading a small group through a number of R&B grooves, ranging from the stuttering The Vibrator and dirty funk of Butter (For Yo Popcorn) to the slow blues of Memphis in June. Occasionally, the group is augmented by a punchy horn section, but the record is designed as a showcase for McDuff's wild, intoxicating Hammond organ, and he runs with the it, demonstrating every one of his tricks
By Stephen Thomas Erlewine. AMG.
Jack McDuff- (Organ);
Charlie Freeman- (Ouitar, Electric Bass);
Jay Arnold- (Senor Sax);
Sammy Greason- (Drums).
A1. The Vibrator 4:48 
A2. Down Home Style 5:03 
A3. Memphis In June 4:15 
A4. Theme From Electric Surfboard 3:32 
B1. It's All A Joke 3:47 
B2. Butter (For Ya Popcorn) 4:07 
B3. Groovin' 5:15 
B4. As She Walked Away 8:00


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  1. who is in the line up on 'down home style' Bro. Jack used many different guitarist and bassist and drums just a wondering is all ~ rick

  2. "Down Home Style"
    1. The Vibrator
    2. Down Home Style
    3. Memphis In June
    4. Theme From Electric Surfboard
    5. It's All A Joke
    6. Butter (For Yo Popcorn)
    7. Groovin'
    8. As She Walked Away

    Jack McDuff (organ)
    Jay Arnold (tenor sax)
    Charlie Freeman (guitar, bass)
    Sammy Greason (drums)

    Blue Note,1969

    Thanx I do have it just not converted to MP3 yet LOL..Groovin' my fav.