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Coleman HAWKINS - Alive! 1962

Coleman HAWKINS - Alive! 1962
1992 Issue


For two years, I listened to this every Sunday night, while working feverishly until dawn.  Why?  This was just a club date featuring a saxophonist who became famous in the 1920s and who drank himself to death seven years later.  Listen to this, and hear the granddaddy of the tenor sax (which was just a vaudeville joke or marching band instrument before Coleman Hawkins).  You'll hear a master in his late 50s giving it his all and taking risks in front of the impeccable Tommy Flanagan.  45 years later, this has yet to sound dated.
From the mid-'50s until Coleman Hawkins's death in 1969, the tenor-saxophonist frequently teamed up with trumpeter Roy Eldridge to form a potent team. However, Hawkins rarely met altoist Johnny Hodges on the bandstand, making this encounter a special event. Long versions of "Satin Doll," "Perdido" and "The Rabbit in Jazz" give these three classic jazzmen (who are ably assisted by the Tommy Flanagan Trio) chances to stretch out and inspire each other. The remainder of this CD has Eldridge and Hodges absent while Coleman Hawkins (on "new" versions of "Mack the Knife," "It's the Talk of the Town," "Bean and the Boys" and "Caravan") heads the quartet for some excellent playing. Timeless music played by some of the top veteran stylists of the swing era.
By Scott Yanow. AMG. 
Tommy Flanagan- Piano
Major Holley- Bass
Eddie Locke- Drums
Roy Eldridge- Trumpet
Coleman Hawkins- Alto Sax
Johnny Hodges- Alto Sax 
01  Satin Doll  (Ellington, Mercer, Strayhorn)  11:15 
02  Perdido  Drake (Lengsfelder, Tizol)  11:35 
03  The Rabbit in Jazz  (Hawkins, Hodges)  16:45 
04  Mack the Knife  (Blitzstein, Brecht, Weill)  8:29 
05  It's the Talk of the Town  (Livingston, Neiburg, Symes)  7:23 
06  Bean and the Boys (Hawkins)  6:53 
07  Caravan  (Ellington, Mills, Tizol)  10:30

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