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Paul MOTIAN - I Have the Room Above Her 2005

Paul MOTIAN - I Have the Room Above Her 2005


To put drummer Paul Motian, guitarist Bill Frisell, and saxophonist Joe Lovano in a room together is to court majesty and genius; even if the three were playing hackneyed standards half-asleep, the results would likely be brilliant. I HAVE THE ROOM ABOVE HER is filled with the kind of technical mastery and scintillating chemistry one would expect from a trio this accomplished and advanced. Frisell's electric guitar spins choral color and spiraling, reverbed embellishments. Lovano's tenor is full-toned, and he plays with tremendous sensitivity and nuance, often holding down the melodic center while Frisell and Motian create rhythmic and harmonic frames.

The delicate imbrication of parts lends these compositions the feel of fragile, shifting houses suspended in air. Motian's drumming is crucial to this aesthetic--light years beyond standard beat-keeping, his approach to time is all suggestion and evocative accent. Aside from the Hammerstein/Kern title track and a sweet, ethereal take on Thelonious Monk's "Dreamland," all the tunes were written by Motian, his rich imagination informed by classic jazz, post-bop, avant-garde, and ambient music alike. The silent partner here is producer Manfred Eicher, whose ear for warm, resonant tones and expansive atmospheres is the perfect match for the inventiveness, lyricism, and exquisite beauty of this session.
Paul Motian is a sterling example of a musician reaching new heights in their later years. Nearing 75, the drummer and composer continues to explore the innerworkings of the small combo. Frisell and Lovano have worked with him since the beginnings of their careers, decades ago. The interplay of this bass-less trio is remarkably sympathetic, as Frisell's guitar alternates between rhythmic underpinnings and atmospheric flights. There is a buoyancy to the music, whether it's on the gospel structure of "The Bag Man" or the bird-like "Dance" (a piece Motian recorded in the seventies for his album of the same name). The title track is the gorgeous ballad by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, and underscores the traditional idioms which have contributed to Motian's unique voice.
By David Greenberger. AMG.
Paul Motian- Drums
Bill Frisell- Guitar
Joe Lovano- Tenor Saxophone
01. Osmosis Part III 5:55
02. Sketches 2:32
03. Odd Man Out 4:13
04. Shadows 3:28
05. I Have The Room Above Her 5:31
06. Osmosis Part I 3:28
07. Dance 4:02
08. Harmony 7:03
09. The Riot Act 4:41
10. The Bag Man 5:33
11. One In Three 7:07
12. Dreamland 5:50


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