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Vargas Blues Band - Comes Alive With Friends 2009

Vargas Blues Band - Comes Alive With Friends 2009


Vargas Blues Band The group was formed by "Javier Vargas" which is part of it to be blues guitarist, with whom he has recorded twelve studio albums and three live albums. Also published several DVD's of concerts including some compilations in commemoration of his 20 year musical career and in honor of Rock Argentino.
In June 2009 which is published at the moment is his last work, called VARGAS BLUES BAND COMES ALIVE WITH FRIENDS, an album with DVD and CD, presented in digi-pack with an attractive drop-down format, and contains the recorded concert December 20, 2008, in Room Breogain de Vigo, with Henry Sarmiento in technical support, and distinguished guests: Devon Allman, Raimundo Amador, Claudio Gabis, Jorge Salan Tarquins and Alvaro "Chevere", together with the new formation the Vargas Blues Band: Tim Mitchell (vocals), Luis Mayol (bass), Peter Kunst (drums) and Javier Vargas on guitar.  In this new album Xavier and his band demonstrate the strength of their live and their good work on stage, making the best of himself and the band, to delight us with an excellent blues-rock session, direct, without artifice, without cheating or cardboard. The DVD contains 20 songs and 14 on CD. The full presentation of the album is a version of "Down by the River" by Neil Young, interpreted by Devon Allman, songs like "Get Away with Murder", "Blues In My Soul", "Wild West blues" or "Mojo Hand .
Tim Mitchell- Vocals
Javier Vargas- Guitar
Luis Mayo- Bass and vocals
Peter Kunst- Drums and backing vocals
Alvaro Tarquino(Chevere)- Percussion
Devon Allman
Raimundo Amador
Jorge Salan
Claudio Gabis
01. Get Away With Murder (Live) 3:27
02. Running Out Of Time (Live) 3:35
03. Ya ya ya, Looking For My Baby (Live) 2:57
04. Falling On Hard Times (Live) 3:52
05. Alma galega (Live with Jorge Salan) 5:44
06. Walking The Streets (Live) 3:26
07. One Way Out (Live friends with Devon Allman) 5:37
08. How Verso Are You? (Live with Devon Allman) 4:38
09. Man On Run (Live) 7:12
10. Down By The River (Live with Devon Allman) 5:43
11. Mojo Hand (Live) 4:59
12. Break Dawn Blues (Live) 4:29
13. On The Road Rgain (Live) 4:36
14. Sucio y Desprolijo (Live with Jorge Salan) 4:50


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