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Buddy GUY - Jammin' Blues Electric and Acoustic 2003

Buddy GUY - Jammin' Blues Electric and Acoustic  2003


This live set features the great Chicago blues guitarist Buddy Guy performing some of his best-known material, (a compilation of tracks from Live: The Real Deal and Last Time Around - Live At Legends) as well as covers of other classic blues songs, in both electric and acoustic settings. Included are searing versions of "Talk to Me Baby," "Hoochie Coochie Man," and "Key to the Highway," the latter a masterly display of folk blues guitar.
01. I've Got My Eyes on You 4:11
02. Talk to Me Baby 3:55
03. First Time I Met the Blues 6:50
04. Let Me Love You Baby 5:39
05. My Time After Awhile 7:40
06. I've Been There 8:39
07. That's All Right 3:37
08. Hoochie Coochie Man 5:34
09. Key to the Highway 4:30
10. Hoodoo Man Blues 6:33

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