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Charlie DANIELS Band - Simple Man 1989

Charlie DANIELS Band - Simple Man 1989


I was in college when "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" became a hit for the Charlie Daniels Band and Million Mile Reflections, the album that contained that song, went platinum. Million Mile Reflections is a classic, but I think Simple Man comes close. The title song is one of Charlie Daniels' classic Southern anthems, and he and his CDB bandmates rock out elsewhere on the record. The opening song "What This World Needs Is A Few More Rednecks", like "Simple Man", is a good old Southern country rocking song from Charlie, as is the toe-tapping song "Oh Atlanta", where Charlie showcases some of his fine fiddle work. The bluesy concluding number "It's My Life" is also a strong song. Furthermore, Charlie is a strong ballad singer. "Was It 26", "Midnight Wind", "Saturday Night Down South", "Old Rock 'N Roller", and "Mr. DJ" are all great ballads by Charlie and his CDB bandmates. If there's a weak link on Simple Man, I think it's "Play Me Some Fiddle". "Play Me Some Fiddle" is an OK song, but I don't think it's as good as Charlie's other fiddle anthems--"Texas", "The South's Gonna Do It", "Ragin' Cajun" and the aforementioned "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". "Play Me Some Fiddle" is too long(almost five minutes) and the story line--a bar patron gets into a fight which the cops break up--has literally been done to death in other songs. Even "Oh Atlanta", this record's other fiddle tune, is better than "Play Me Some Fiddle", at least in my opinion. Still, I think Charlie put together one solid album in Simple Man. I like this record, and I think anybody who likes the Charlie Daniels Band should have Simple Man in his collection.
Charlie Daniels- (Fiddle),(Banjo),(Guitar),(Vocals),(Mandolin),
Jack Gavin- (Percussion),
James Stroud- (Vocals),
Charlie Hayward- (Guitar), (Bass),
Joel "Taz" DiGregorio- (Keyboards),
Julian King- (Trumpet),
Bruce Ray Brown- (Vocals),(Guitar).
01. (What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks 3:44
02. Was It 26 3:51
03. Oh Atlanta 3:19
04. Midnight Wind 3:19
05. Saturday Night Down South 3:04
06. Play Me Some Fiddle 4:26
07. Simple Man 3:24
08. Old Rock 'N Roller 2:58
09. Mister DJ 3:52
10. It's My Life 3:33


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