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Chris BEARD - Barwalkin' 1997

Chris BEARD - Barwalkin' 1997


He's got two trains running on the tracks of the blues-one smokes along in the more traditional style of his father, Joe beard, and the other mailines towards the fiery runs and bold bends of modern players. Chris is the author of all the music on his first CD on JSP, and his locomotive is workin' and due to reach all the big terminals very soon Albert King's influence is especially evident on "I had A Dream", "Baby I Need It All", "Caught Up". and "All Night Long"-this last suggestive of "I'll Play The Blues For You." Srong vocals generally prevail with the bite, force, and conviction you like to hear (higher vocal shifts don't work quite as well). There's a vintage shuffle feel on "I'm Your man", and "Playing The Blues For A Living" has a nice, silky groove. The CD's rhythm section is that of the late, great Johnny Copeland, with Johnny Rawls producing. The title song gives you just a slight idea of what Chris goes after in live performances. We're lucky; we here in WNY can actually see him do it!
By Sharnon Schneider.
Johnny Rawls- Guitarr
Chris Beard- Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Feiner- Sax (Tenor)
Robert Feiner- Sax (Baritone)
Brian Charette- Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Jim Hunt- Trumpet
Barry Harrison- Drums
Randy Lee Lippincott- Bass
01. You Ain't All That Beard 3:30
02. Barwalkin'  4:01
03. Everything Man  4:03
04. I'm Your Man  3:47
05. All Night Long  6:15
06. Caught Up Beard 4:12
07. I Had a Dream  5:53
08. Get Yo Self a Life  4:44
09. Delivery Man  6:50
10. It's About Time Beard 3:41
11. Playing the Blues for a Living  3:31
12. Baby I Need It All  5:32

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