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James MOODY - Sax & Flute Man 1973

James MOODY - Sax & Flute Man 1973
LPS 4003


This is a classic recording. I still sing the melodies and improvisations through my day. He is lyrical and brilliant with his improvisation here. I consider this to be a masterpiece of improvisation actually, right up there with Sonny Rollin's Saxophone Collosus and Miles Davis's Kind of Blue. The funny thing is almost no one knows about this recording. I have listened to it for the last 15 years and finally thought I should share how great it is.
Bass- Richard Evans
Congas- Marshall Thompson
Drums [Jazz]- Marshall Thompson
Drums [Rock]- Andre Fisher
Flute- James Moody
Piano- Jodie Christian , Tennyson Stephens
Saxophone- James Moody
Tambourine- Jodie Christian
A1. Don't Let Me Be Lonely 6:15
A2. Good Sense Humor Man 3:30
A3. First Thing In The Morning 4:04
A4. Country City Country 6:05
B1. World Is A Ghetto 6:50
B2. Trilby 4:22
B3. You're Right As Rain 4:50
B4. Moody's Mood 3:20


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