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Michael POWERS - Prodigal Son 2006

Michael POWERS - Prodigal Son  2006


Refreshing and a relief, Michael Powers does put the old clay to new uses. His originals are just that, ORIGINAL, leaning on anthem ambience. His covers don't sound like the originals, so there's a reason to listen to them. He sounds as happy to play acoustic guitar as electric, and he's receptive to all sorts of accompaniment, which is a good match for listeners' ears. He's as funky as Stax and as much fun as a rerun of the Blues Brothers movie.
It is apparent that, while absorbing the foundational songs of the blues, he formed images of the characters who'd created those songs as well. It is a wonderful thing and a sign of deserved musical stature when an artist is thorough in that way. This is a thoroughly enjoyable, must have release.
By Arthur Shuey.
Although his career spans four decades (as a member of cult acts the Ad Libs and Moonbeam), blues-rock singer/guitarist Michael Powers largely flew under the radar. But in the early 21st century, he was "rediscovered" in New York City, and has embarked on a recording career once again, first with 2004's Onyx Root, and two years later with Prodigal Son. On this album comprised mostly of cover tunes, Powers has enlisted a pair of players who should be familiar to rock fans  Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley on drums and Conan O'Brien's Jimmy Vivino on guitar, among others. Overall, the music reflects other similar blues-rock revivalists of the modern age, especially evident by its clean production. Included are versions of such blues-rock standards as "Goin' Down" and "Train Kept A Rollin'" (has every single blues-rocker post-1970 covered these two tunes at one point or another?), as well as Jimmy Reed's "Oh John." While certainly not musically groundbreaking, Prodigal Son should appeal to fans of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jonny Lang, Los Lonely Boys, etc.
By Greg Prato.
01. Goin Down 3:46
02. It's a Bloody Life 3:20
03. Prodigal Son 4:37
04. White Lightning 4:06
05. Wild Side 3:59
06. Every Grain Of Sand 4:49
07. Lay The Hooch 2:41
08. Oh John 3:33
09. Signed D.C. 4:32
10. Compassion 4:36
11. You Got To Go Down 4:30
12. Train Kept A Rollin 3:13


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