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Patrick VINING - Atlanta Boogie 2009

Patrick VINING - Atlanta Boogie 2009


An Atlanta native, Patrick Vining has been playing music since he was a child but it was only when a friend played him a Muddy Waters record that he knew that he had to sing the blues. That love of the blues continues with his latest album, Atlanta Boogie, which opens with a Kansas City style blues, Everybody Knows. Vining has one of those lived-in voices and Mike Bourne’s sharp guitar compliments it very well. Chicago blues man Bourne is steeped in the styles of Chicago and Kansas City and has now relocated to Atlanta to join up with Patrick Vining. Last Night is another shuffling blues with New Orleans overtones and highlights Vinings perfect voice for the blues. There is some good piano work from Matt Wauchope on this one. Tommy Brown joins on vocals for Atlanta Boogie and his is good time music in a rock n roll vein. I’m So Glad is a boogie-woogie and a classy one too with Wauchope is sparkling form.

30,000 Dollar Millionaire is a strolling blues/swing effort and very pleasing to the ear whilst the very good Money’s Getting Cheaper is a mid-paced swing blues. Something is upbeat R&B and Late At Night is a standard slow Chicago style blues. They then throw in Man Of Clay, a fast paced boogie that shows they are comfortable with all forms of the blues. There is a Gospel feel to the beginning of Last Meal. However, this then turns into a rolling blues but it is the organ playing of Wauchope that makes it feel like Gospel. A good, strong finish from a tight band.
Patrick Vining- Vocals
Tommy Brown- Vocals, on track3
Mike Bourne- Guitar
Mookie Brill- Bass
Pete Maier- Drums,Percussion
Trevor Roberts- Drums, on tracks 2,3,4
Matt Wauchope- Piano,Organ
01. Everybody Knows
02. Last Night
03. Atlanta Boogie
04. I'm So Glad
05. 30,000 Dollar Millionaire
06. Money's Getting Cheaper
07. Someday
08. Late At Night
09. Man Of Clay
10. Last Meal


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