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Tete MONTOLIU - Catalonian Fire 1974

Tete MONTOLIU - Catalonian Fire 1974
1991 Issue


Tete Montoliu spent most of his career recording for various European-based record labels, with some of his best work appearing on Steeplechase, such as this trio session with bassist Niels Pedersen and drummer Tootie Heath. Montoliu chose his rhythm section well, because both of these musicians respond well to an aggressive pianist like their leader, providing both strong support and lively interplay. The program is dominated by standards, including a rather abstract take of "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and an extended workout of "Falling in Love With Love" with a Latin rhythm. "Old Folks" starts with an unusual solo introduction that is both eerie and playful; Pedersen's countermelody is sparse and effective. Montoliu's sole original, "Blues for Perla," also stands out. The date concludes with a freewheeling exploration of Charlie Parker's "Au Privave," with the leader occasionally leaning toward an avant-garde sound in places. Recommended.
By Ken Dryden. AMG.
Why in the world did this pianist not get the acclaim he deserved in his lifetime. His almost complete lack of touring in the US certainly accounted for some of it but for a man who released many albums and CDs his lack of presence within the jazz community is puzzling.
This was the first Montoliu recording I ever heard. When it came out in 1975 it was great and it remains one of my favorite jazz recordings. Montoliu plays with great passion, style and technique. Pedersen shows why he was perhaps the best European bassist of all time. Heath is a fabulous drummer with incredible groove and delicacy.
Tete Montoliu- (Piano),
Albert "Tootie" Heath- (Drums),
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen- (Bass).
01. Sweet Georgia Fame 7:37
02. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 7:35
03. Blues For Perla 8:54
04. Falling In Love With Love 10:22
05. Old Folks 8:08
06. Au Privave 4:52
07. Body and Soul 9:52

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