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Tubby HAYES - London Jazz Quartet 1959

Tubby HAYES - London Jazz Quartet 1959
Tempo TAP28


This LP was originally recorded by Jeff Kruger for his Ember label on 14 May 1959 it was leased to Tempo who put it out as a 12 lp just called 'The London Jazz Quartet'.. There is no date on this reissue but it would have been pressed within a few years of the original probably in the late sixties.
The music is not quite typical of Hayes. It’s not driving heavy jazz or anything like that.  It’s the sort of music you might have heard on the soundtrack of many British kitchen sink movies of the sixties. If you were not a fan you might brush it aside as library music. All the tracks are arranged by Tony Crombie and as far as I can remember about half are written by him also. The line up is.
The music is ‘tight’ and very sixties and distinctly British and as I’ve said it’s not unlike British film music of the period….but it’s quality stuff and if you like classic ‘modern’ jazz you will love this. It’s the sort of album that will grow on you. You might feel it’s rather conservative for sixties jazz and that it’s not particularly exciting but you will find yourself putting it on the turntable more and more..just to try to make up you mind if you like it or not…and it will grow on you in spite of it not being ‘progressive’..
Tubby Hayes - alto, tenor, flute, vibes
Alan Branscombe - alto, tenor, vibes, piano
Tony Crombie - piano, drums
Jack Fallon - bass
01 Copper on the Beat 2:39
02 Slick Riff 2:28
03 Sadie's Song 2:56
04 The Toff 3:40
05 Wait and See 3:24
06 Fishin' the Blues 2:59
07 Lakeland 2:51
08 Cheeky Chappie 2:37
09 The Baron's Blues 2:48
10 Mirage 2:50
11 Autumn in Cuba 3:19
12 Let Nature Take Its Course 2:52
13 Big Ben Bounce 3:18
14 London Lament 2:37

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