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Wilton "Bogey" GAYNAIR - Blue Bogey 1959

Wilton "Bogey" GAYNAIR - Blue Bogey 1959
JASM 2016


The name is Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair. He plays tenor. Though the name may be new to you now, I think you'll hear it often in the future. Wilton hails from Kingston, Jamaica, and was a schoolboy contemporary of trumpeter Dizzy Reece (who can be heard on many Tempo sessions) and saxist Joe Harriott. "Bogey" is 32 years old (born January 11, 1927) and is no Johnny-come-lately to jazz. At Dizzy's suggestion he came to Europe in 1955. When he arrived in London, he sat in at a few clubs, impressing everyone with his potential and very emotional conception. Then, because at the time the work scene in town was far from lucrative, Bogey cut out for the Continent where he has played continuously since. Bogey came back to London for a three-week holiday in August '59 and for the first few days he could be seen around the clubs, sax-less, just sitting and listening. I sat and listened with him on several occasions and watched his favourable reaction to such British tenorists as Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott, Kathie Stobart, Don Rendell and Bob Efford.
Wilton Bogey Gaynair was one of a number of West Indian jazz players who emigrated to England during the postwar years and while he's not as famous as contemporaries like Joe Harriott or Shake Keane, this classic set from 1959 shows that he had a rich talent that deserved greater recognition! The set's a laidback blowing one very much in the mode of some of Tubby Hayes' sides from the time and it features Hayes' frequent pianist Terry Shannon, plus bass by Kenny Napper and drums by Bill Eyden. Gaynair's tenor has a slightly broken quality that's a bit odd at first, but which has kept us coming back to this record over the years because of his fresh earthy tone. Includes the original tunes "Wilton's Mood", "Blues For Tony", "Rhythm",and "Deborah".
By Dusty Groove.
Wilton Gaynair- Tenor
Terry Shannon- Piano
Kenny Napper- Bass
Bill Eyden- Drums
A1. Wilton's Mood 6:07
A2. Deborah 4:04
A3. Joy Spring 9:14
B1. Rhythm 5:17
B2. Blues For Tony 7:25
B3. The Way You Look Tonight 7:12

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