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Stanley TURRENTINE – Look Out! 1960

Stanley TURRENTINE – Look Out! 1960
2007 Re-Mastered Issue.

This album from Stanley Turrentine features six tracks, including "Return Engagement" and "Tiny Capers."

Although he is best known for his bluesy soul-jazz outings, tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine's first Blue Note session as a leader was a much more traditional bop affair, and the resulting album, Look Out!, featuring a rhythm section of Horace Parlan on piano, George Tucker on bass, and Al Harewood on drums, shows as much artful restraint as it does groove. Not that this is a bad thing, since it allows Turrentine's big, clear tone to shine through in all its muscular sweetness, giving Look Out! a wonderful and flowing coherence. Among the highlights here are the pretty ballad "Journey Into Melody" and the gently funky "Little Sheri."
By Steve Leggett. AMG.
Horace Parlan- Piano,
George Tucker- Bass,
Al Harewood- Drums,
Stanley Turrentine- Tenor Sax.
01. Look Out 7:09
02. Journey Into Melody 4:55
03. Return Engagement 4:47
04. Little Sheri 7:48
05. Tiny Capers 4:58
06. Minor Chant 6:12
07. Tin Tin Deo 6:16
08. Yesterdays 6:56
09. Little Sheri (45 Single Take) 5:41


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