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Susan MAUGHAN - I Want To Be Bobby´s Girl 1996

Susan MAUGHAN - I Want To Be Bobby´s Girl 1996


Susan Maughan was born Marion Susan Maughan, in County Durham, in the North East of England, on July 1st 1942.She grew up in Birmingham and lived for some time in London- but you are probably more likely to find her in the North West these days because of her frequent summer seasons at Blackpool.In 1962 she rapidly became seen as the main UK challenger to the chart dominance of the young and very talented Helen Shapiro.This followed the release of her wonderful record, 'Bobby's Girl' - an exceptionally well made cover version of a song released in the U.S. by Marcie Blane. Susan had begun her career, like Helen, as a young teenager- but she was twenty by the time of this great hit.Unfortunately, Susan Maughan's chart career was short lived as she was unable to consolidate her hit credentials with a substantial follow-up. She had the opportunity to cover the Exciters' 'Tell Him', but the number was foolishly rejected as 'unsuitable' by her manager and the benefit went to Billie Davis. Nevertheless, Susan Maughan remained a top live performer throughout the 1960s and 'Bobby's Girl' helped sustain a lengthy and eventful show business career over the next several decades.
Wally Stott And His Orchestra And Chorus.
01. Bobby's Girl
02. Eddie My Love
03. Norman
04. James
05. Teddy
06. South American Joe
07. She's New To You
08. I've Got To Learn
09. Call On Me
10. Kiss Me Sailor
11. Make Him Mine
12. That Other Place
13. You Can Never Get Away From Me
14. When She Walks Away
15. Come A Little Bit Closer
16. Hand A Handkerchief To Helen
17. Stop Your Foolin'
18. Hey Lover
19. Bachelor Girl
20. The Verdict Is Guilty
21. I Didn't Mean What I Said
22. Where The Bullets Fly
23. Little Things Mean A Lot
24. Don't Get Carried Away
25. Don't Be Afraid


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