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Tubby HAYES - Voodoo Session

Tubby HAYES - Voodoo Session
2009 Issue.TTT005 Vinyl, 7" Limited to 666 numbered copies.
An evil number indeed to enhance the evil nature of the session.
The record will not be repressed, which again is a bit evil.


Bonkers one this. A few years ago there was single from the film Dr Terror's House Of Horror that lots of people wanted. It was issued by CBS. Lots of people wanted it all because they all thought it was this bit of music, from the scene where Roy Castle and the Tubby Hayes Quintet play the Voodoo track. Watch this clip if you can be arsed, and the whole infamous scene starts at about 4.50 (and please note Jimmy Deuchar's Mellophonium).

However, when one copy of this rare single surfaced (and sold later for about £800 a week before it was bootlegged) everyone realised it was a bit crap, and had Roy Castle singing on it, when all anyone really wanted was the instrumental afro voodoo number.

Fast forward to mid 2009, and out of nowhere I get an email from a good jazz man known as Simon Spillett. He is overseeing the recently unearthed Tubby Hayes archive. This is a set of reels and records taken care of first by Tubby's mother, and then later passed on to Tubby's last girlfriend. In amongst these reels is the original session for this super Voodoo scene.

Simon emailed me the tracks, and I got extremely excited - it was the killer tune, the missing music that music people have been waiting for. A few weeks later the tracks were remastered, and a very limited 7" ep was designed, the idea being to make sure we can make enough money so Tubby's girlfriend can afford to fly abroad and see her family.
Bass- Freddy Logan
Drums- Allan Ganley
Mellophonium- Jimmy Deucher
Piano- Terry Shannon
Tenor Saxophone, Flute- Tubby Hayes
Trumpet- Shake Keane
Vocal- Kenny Lynch (tracks: B1)
A1. Voodoo 
B1. Give Me Love 
B2. Baily's Blues 

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