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Victor FELDMAN - Victor Feldman in London (Vol 2, Big Band) 1956

Victor FELDMAN - Victor Feldman in London (Vol 2, Big Band) 1956
Jas 2003


There's some good material here, most notably the superb 'Blues in Two Moods', a stunning big-band piece that vividly brings to mind the gloomy London of the mid-1950s, and Jimmy Deuchar's excellent moody trumpet on the equally atmospheric 'It Ain't Necessarily So'. There are some rough bits, such as when drummer Tony Crombie takes over the piano on one track, but this is mostly a worthwhile album.
Bobby Pratt- Trumpet
Jimmy Deuchar- Trumpet
Dizzy Reece- Trumpet
Ken Wray- Bass Trumpet, Trombone
John Burden- French Horn
Jim Powell- Tuba
Derek Humble- Alto Sax
Ronnie Scott- Tenor Sax
Tubby Hayes- Tenor, Baritone Sax
Joe Temperley- Baritone Sax
Pete King- Baritone Sax
Victor Feldman- vibes
Norman Stenfalt- Piano
Terry Shannon- Piano
Lennie Bush- Bass
Kenny Napper- Bass
Phil Seamen- Drums
A1. Blues in Two Modes 6:40
A2. Jennie 4:20
A3. One Momentum 3 :15
A4. Karen 6:15
B1. Woodwork 8:30
B2. It Ain't Necessarily So 5:30
B3. Short Circuit 6:00

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